Pinewild Property Owners Association

About Pinewild

Pinewild is a gated community located in Moore County, North Carolina near the Village of Pinehurst. The Pinewild community was conceived by a group of North Carolina business people in 1986. This private gated development consists of 1,053 lots, around 920 residences, and 22 miles of paved street located on over 1,800 acres of land.
This website serves the community and is your resource for information about the Board of Directors and Architectural Review Board, decisions concerning the community, and community activities.
Details + Documents
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Pinewild Country Club

The PPOA and the Pinewild Country Club are individual entities. Information specific to Pinewild Country Club such as course information, golf academy, activities, dining, etc is available on their website

If you have questions or concerns about the operation of the golf courses, or the other club facilities (tennis, pool, practice courses, etc.) please contact the Pinewild Country Club's General Manager, Chris Little. 

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