Pinewild Property Owners Association


All new construction and renovation must receive design approval from the ARB by submission of appropriate plans and details. The ARB holds governance over changes to the outside of a residence. The Board is not involved with the interior design of residences. Homeowners considering changes, modifications and improvements to existing homes, patios, decks, driveways or landscaping should seek approval by the ARB prior to project initiation. 

All new construction and exterior modification are subject to enforcement in accordance with the ARB Policies and Procedures.

Before beginning a project, if you are uncertain whether ARB approval is necessary, inquire at the PPOA administrative office.


ARB Members and Meeting Information

The Pinewild ARB meets the 2nd Monday of each month. 
Plans (new construction or exterior modifications) for review must be submitted at the PPOA Office AT the Highway 211 Gatehouse at least six (6) working days prior (two Fridays prior) to scheduled meetings. Resubmissions of revised plans and other issues to be brought before the ARB need only to be submitted three (3) working days prior (the Wednesday prior) to a meeting to be considered.
If you have questions about the plan submission requirements, please contact the PPOA Office. 
ARB Members:
Eric Dahlberg, Chair
Walter Blackwell
William Butcher
Lloyd Allen
Ed Pieczynski
Mark Voetsch
Nancy Niedermaier